North West of England Plan - Regional Spatial Strategy to 2021

Please note Regional Strategies / Regional Spatial Strategies were revoked with immediate effect on 6th July 2010. 

Until it's revocation in July 2010 the Regional Spatial Strategy being used as part of the statutory planning system was the Regional Spatial Strategy for the North West of England (the RSS), published on 30 September 2008. This was a revision of the Regional Spatial Strategy (formerly known as the Regional Planning Guidance for the North West (RPG 13, March 2003)), and replaced it as the Regional Spatial Strategy for the North West of England 2008.

The RSS provided a regional framework for development and investment up to 2021, and was, until July 2010, part of the statutory development plan for the North West region.  The Plan built on the foundation of the draft Plan published by the North West Regional Assembly (now 4NW) in 2006 and took account of two rounds of public consultation and an independent Examination in Public.  In total 1,836 representations were received from 149 people and organisations.  Nearly half of these representations were expressions of support, whilst the remainder suggested further or alternative changes to the RSS.  All of these representations were considered, and also updates to the Sustainability Appraisal / Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitat Regulations Assessment required under the legislation which confirm that the revised Plan should help deliver sustainable development.

In a letter to 4NW, Baroness Andrews said:

"Publication of the North West RSS will facilitate the preparation of a Single Regional Strategy by potentially aligning more closely with the Regional Economic Strategy, and the removal of the "maximum" figures in draft RSS for housing requirements will help fulfil the Government\'s aspirations for housing as set out in the Housing Green Paper.

The most notable aspects of the final revisions to the Plan are that the main spatial framework for the region has been further amended to bring the prioritisation for growth and development broadly back in line with the recommendations of the Panel, targets for renewable energy and energy conservation have been better aligned with national policy, and regional housing provision has been clarified.  There are no changes to regional housing figures proposed by the Secretary of State\'s Proposed Changes to RSS.  Policies on housing density and casinos have been deleted.  Housing density is already dealt with in national policy guidance by CLG, and the government has previously announced its intention to review the social impact of proposed casinos.

The Plan forms part of the statutory development plan, extended structure plan policies, "saved" UDP and Local Plan policies and Development Plan Documents as they are adopted.  I am pleased that following independent Panel recommendations on issues for review, GONW are discussing with 4NW the best way to progress these issues."   

The adopted Regional Spatial Strategy and supporting documents are available to view or download from here.

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