Working in the North West - Achieving a Sustainable Economy

 Please note Regional Strategies / Regional Spatial Strategies were revoked with immediate effect on 6th July 2010. 

Part of the vision for the North West by 2021 as set out in the Regional Spatial Strategy was to see a region where economic disparities have been reduced.  In supporting the development of the North West's economy the Regional Spatial Strategy sought to:

  • support the business sectors identified in the Regional Economic Strategy 2006,
  • make provision for a supply of employment land,
  • establish criteria for the location of regionally significant economic development,
  • promote strong and viable centres, as locations for the concentration of retail , office and recretaional development,
  • support the sustainable diversification of the rural economy, and;
  • harness the economic development potential of tourism.

There are a number of specifc documents and pieces of research which shaped the development of the policies supporting these objectives

Relevant documents


4NW also jointly commissioned work with the Northwest Regional Development Agency in 2007 to look at some of the wider issues around planning for tourism and the visitor economy.   





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